Kovos Sotirios

Car designer, Kovos Design

I was born in Athens, and grown up in the suburb of Ilion. I graduated from the University of Pantios (Athens) with the degree in Sociology. Later I studied car Design in Royale College of Art In London, with scholarship from Mazda Motor Co. Firstly, I worked for the European Design Centre of Toyota-Lexus (Brussels), and then moved to Audi (Ingolstand), as responsible for the Exterior Design. My first design for a mass production model, was the Toyota Yaris, which won the prestigious awards, “Car of the Year 2000” in Europe and Japan, as well as, numerous other Design compliments. Then, I designed the luxurious Lexus SC 430, as well as a number of other mass production cars, especially for Toyota and Lexus. Pararel, I designed cars, buses and trams for the French company “Bollore”. My design office, “KOVOS DESIGN” has been active, as well, designing scooters for the Greek company “Nipponia”, and other products such as racing cars, boats, bicycles and furniture.