Vikas Konstantinos

President, Panhellenic association of Vehicle technical inspection centres, Stockholder, CEO," J&P ΑΒΑΞ ΙΚΤΕΟ ΑΕ"

Mr Konstantinos Vikas was born in Thessaloniki. He operates in the business sector from a young age, since 1989 and has, therefore, gained massive experience in managing car businesses.

In 2000, he was elected vice president of the directing board of car station owners’ association in Thessaloniki. His active participation in the field of car technical inspection started in 2006, with the foundation of ” AUTECO”, a cars technical inspection company. He achieved this way the biggest investment in the specific market concerning EU. Since then he serves the company as a CEO. In 2009 accompanied by other businessmen he founded the Panhellenic association of car technical inspection centres, when he was elected a president, a place he obtains until present.

Mr Vikas as president of the previously mentioned Panhellenic association took over initiatives and action to enforce drive safety in Greece. His vision is to achieve it not only, through proper vehicle checks with integrity and impartiality but also by ensuring that all inspection centres provide customers with high quality services.