Kountromichalis Evangelos

Police Major of the Hellenic Police, deputy commander, Traffic Police Department of Attica Tollway

Evangelos Kountromichalis is Police Major of the Hellenic Police and serves at the Traffic Police Department of Attica Tollway as deputy commander.

Joined the Hellenic Police in 2000 and graduated from the School of the Hellenic Police Officers in 2004.

In 2016 he graduated from the Department of Vocational Training of Leading Members of the force, with degree of postgraduate title 20.00 (excellent).

With his graduation in 2004, he was appointed at the Press Office of the Hellenic Police Headquarters, where he also participated in the communication strategy during the Olympic Games of 2004, the management of the abduction case of Pakistan citizens and the case of interceptions, always in terms of security.

From March 2006 to October 2009, he served at the Aliens Directorate of Attica, the Directorate of Attica and the General Directorate for V.I.P. Protection with the most important moments the plan of security measures of the inauguration of the new museum Acropolis and the informal meeting of the OSCE and the NATO-Russia Council in 2009 in Corfu.

From October 2009 until June of 2012, he served as aide de camp and Director of the Office of the Chief of the Greek Police and later Minister of Citizen Protection Eleftherios Economou. As such, he has participated in the planning and implementation of integrated police action plans, both in the fight against organised crime and crime of road, creating a new policing doctrine with the main focus is on the obvious presence of the Greek police on every street, in every neighborhood. In this direction, were established the Force of motorcycle policing, known as the DI.AS. At the same time, significant successes were recorded in the fight against terrorism, arresting and referring to justice 32 persons as members of terrorist organisations and large quantities of weapons and explosives were seized.

Participated in meetings at the highest level abroad (Germany, England, Israel, Italy, Albania, Bulgaria) on issues of international terrorism, organised and economic crime, illegal immigration, security and information management, terrorist financing, etc.

He has been trained in crisis management issues in Lyon, France, security of official persons and traffic police. He has experience in the field of education, as a trainer of the Cadets Lieutenants of the School of the Hellenic Police Officers.

From 2013, he serves at the Traffic Police Department of Attica Tollway.

He speaks English and French.