Stefas Konstantinos

Mechanical Engineer, Training & Technical Support, Saracakis Group of Companies

Konstantinos Stefas is in charge of training and technical support operations of Honda and Mitsubishi Motors in the Automotive Consumer Solutions sector of Sarakakis Group of Companies. He is a graduate of Mechanical Engineering with an MSc in Advanced Mechanical & Automotive Engineering at the University of Sussex.

He began his professional activity in the automotive sector in 2006 from Mototrend SA, the distributor for Kymco motorcycles in Greece. In 2009, he started working with Sarakakis Group of companies, taking over the position of Training and Technical Support operations of Mitsubishi Motors and Daimler Fuso Trucks.

He has a wide knowledge of passenger and commercial vehicle engineering and has been responsible for technical training for Mitsubishi Motors, Fuso Trucks, Honda Cars, Volvo / Renault Trucks & Bus in the last decade.

He is a certified trainer for EV & PHEV models by Mitsubishi Motors and has a long experience and deep knowledge of maintenance and repair procedures of electric and hybrid vehicles.