Vassiliki Danelli-Mylona

President of the Board of Directors, Hellenic Research and Educational Institute “Panos Mylonas” for the Road Safety and the Prevention/Reduction of Traffic Accidents (Hellenic Road Safety Institute - RSI “Panos Mylonas”)

Mrs Vassiliki Danelli-Mylona has studied Economics at the Athens University of Economics and Business Sciences and also holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration, University of Illinois. In her management career in the Greek Telecom industry since 1979, she has undertaken responsibilities ranging from the introduction of services and facilities in the digital exchanges to business planning and investment plan for ISDN in Greece and the exploitation of applications and value added services. She has made a considerable contribution to planning and implementing Telematics Applications in the Greek Archipelago and remote areas in Greece-telemedicine, distance learning and teleworking. In 1995 she was the chairperson for the ISDN MOU Implementation and Management Group (IMIMG) leading her counterparts of 32 Telecommunication Organizations from 28 countries and made a substantial contribution to promoting the European Standard internationally.
She has been the President of BoD of the Hellenic Road Safety Institute (RSI) “Panos Mylonas” for the prevention of road traffic incidents, since its establishment in 2005. The Institute was created after the tragic unfair loss of her 22-year-old son Panos and since then she has committed herself to raise awareness among citizens and organizations in order to strengthen the Traffic Safety Culture in Greece. She has been honoured in Greece and in Europe (Award for Female Social Contribution by the League for Women’s Rights, 2011, “European Citizen’s Prize” from the European Parliament 2011, by the Swedish Government for her contribution to ISO 39001 and her commitment to act for road safety, 2007, and many other distinguished organizations and authorities). She represents RSI “Panos Mylonas” at the UN (ECOSOC) and is a member of the UN HLP Advisory Board, chairing Jean Todt, FIA President and UN SG Special Envoy for Road Safety.